• October playlist

  • Fun read: How To Get.ETH Domain For Your Ethereum Address

    Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a distributed, open, and Ethereum-based dApp that offers a new naming system in which crypto users can convert their long alphanumeric wallet address into a human-readable format. That means the basic functionality of ENS is to map a human-readable name to machine-readable addresses of tokens, content hashes, and metadata. Read the…

  • 4-day workweek at Atlassian

    For 9 weeks, a team at Atlassian experimented working 4 days per week. These were the takeaways: 1. Parkinson’s Law is real!And the inverse is real, too. You can deliver just as much value in less time if you’re disciplined about it. 2. Not all tasks are created equal.Prioritizing tasks and scrutinizing which ones really…

  • Meow


    I’m still mourning over the loss of Sophie this weekend. Electronic music lost a true innovator.

  • Portishead – Sour times

    One the best songs of all time, and this performance is ❤️.