4-day workweek at Atlassian

For 9 weeks, a team at Atlassian experimented working 4 days per week. These were the takeaways:

1. Parkinson’s Law is real!
And the inverse is real, too. You can deliver just as much value in less time if you’re disciplined about it.

2. Not all tasks are created equal.
Prioritizing tasks and scrutinizing which ones really add value is key.

3. A rigid schedule can still be stressful – even if it affords you more free time.
You can’t always control when “life” happens to you. Flexibility matters.

4. Extra time off from work is wonderfully restorative.
We often forget that in our productivity-obsessed culture. Indeed, American workers only use about half their vacation time, and two-thirds report working even when they do take time off.

Read the whole article: The data doesn’t lie: what we learned when we tried a 4-day workweek

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